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My Journey with B&P Creatives

Janet Haughton Quarshie

Founder, Atha jiva

I believe in the power of a good beginning, both personally and professionally. That’s why

"begin with breath and unfold into your best self" is the essence of my brand.

I met Bindu at the very beginning of my journey as an expat living in Chennai. 

I would like to believe it was meant to be that we met again one afternoon outside of Anokhi Cafe. I told her that I was interested in manifesting my dream towards starting my business.

When we met that day in 2015, I didn’t even have a name for my passion that would become Atha Jiva.

I remember feeling so confused but not knowing how to incorporate all the pieces of my dream together into a nicely wrapped package that I could then offer to others.

I remember not knowing where to start and the overwhelming feeling of being in a bottle neck - full to the brim with passion and needing an outlet to channel and express myself.

I had so many ideas!

After that chance meeting with Bindu, she introduced me to Padmaja and B&P Creatives, and that’s when my dream took flight. From the very beginning of choosing the name Atha Jiva and designing my amazing logo, I am forever grateful for these amazing ladies.

They were dedicated from the start and were consistent throughout, with their creativity, authenticity and commitment to helping me grow my business organically.

One of the amazing things that I didn't expect from my experience with B&P Creatives is that alongside developing my Business Plan, website and all things necessary for starting a business, these ladies were role models for me, showing me the true meaning of being an authentic business woman.  They are phenomenal women, fully committed, creative and courageous, knowledgeable and  insightful.

As a 'passion-preneur', I've learned the importance of collaborating with people who resonate with you and your brand.

B&P Creatives embodies the spirit and feeling of Atha Jiva, in that they bring their full selves to the process of branding and design, and by doing this, they allow you to bring your full self into designing your own business and realizing your passion.

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