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Recreating Raja Ravi Varma 2020

In the midst of creating websites and digital posts for social media, it was so refreshing and nostalgic to design a calendar for the print media – Recreating Raja Ravi Varma by G. Venket Ram for NAAM.

In a world that’s adapting fast to digital communication, seeing one’s design in print is a long-forgotten joy.

The best thing about this project was the freedom I had in designing the calendar. After the initial concept meeting, Mrs. Suhasini Maniratnam didn’t even want to see a draft of the layout. She just blindly trusted me and asked me to go ahead with whatever I thought will work best.

But with great freedom comes great responsibility!

The beautiful images had to be showcased without other elements of the layout taking away the focus; at the same time the calendar must have a vintage aura that would complement the regal, royal feel of a bygone era exuded by the images.

After working on many layout options, creating a miniature wall calendar resembling one from the 1900s with the original painting, along side a bigger image of the recreation, seemed to work best.

I am so thankful to the NAAM team and G. Venket Ram for the free hand.

This is one project without any design compromises!


Founder & Creative Head, B&P Creatives

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